Fast, complete and accurate

Save hours researching filings from the most complete filing database for Hong Kong and China capital markets.

  • Journalists
  • Investors
  • Analysts
  • Researcher
  • Investigators
  • Regulators

Accurate fact-finding

Our proprietary search algorithm helping users to match the right documents.

Save time from data entry

Helps users to find the right documents and extract figures from PDF tables.

Easily find precedents for drafting

Helps users to find relevant documents for drafting and comparison.

Developed by experienced market professionals with in-depth knowledge of the legal and financial communities, Gekko Search is the market’s most complete Hong Kong and China financial filings database, available in both Chinese and English.

The solution covers a complete set of 8 million financial filings from 16,000+ stocks. Users can search any keywords or concepts through our entire financial document database in a matter of seconds.


Full-text search

Use the full-text search to find a term in any filing.

Stock impact analysis

Measure stock impacts before and after the announcements.

Powerful filtering tool

List out the relevant exposed stocks from the research results.

Save highlights and documents

Save your annotation in the online workspace on the platform.

Compare historical filing

Instantly compare two filings for differences.

Export to Excel

Export a single table from PDF to Excel.

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