A network analytics tool

Gekko Graph empowers financial professionals to build visual intuition and uncover hidden insights in Hong Kong capital markets instantly. It combines advanced network theory and interactive visualizations to detect hidden patterns in complex data.

Identify risks through relationships

Find out hidden relationships that could not be revealed with traditional Google Search.

Save time for fact-finding

Search through linked database for connected parties and events to build research stories.

Simplify communications

“A picture is worth a thousands of words” – simplify communication with senior managements and clients with more intuitive graphical illustration.

Gekko Graph is a network analytics tool to empower financial professionals to analyze and visualize the relationships in Hong Kong capital markets. Intuitive graphical interface makes these analytics accessible to the financial expert and novice alike.

The solution is built with a proprietary database covering 200,000+ persons and companies active in Hong Kong and China capital markets. The database also covers a unique set of notifiable transaction events such as very substantial acquisitions and very substantial disposals, and the relationships of entities among them.


Enhanced due diligence

Check not only the entity's background, but also indirect risks and intelligence through connections.

In-depth KYC monitoring for capital market entities

Find out companies' and people's relationships from a Hong Kong capital market focused knowledge graph.

Screen for regulator actions

Check if an entity is exposed to regulator actions in the past.

Data Coverage

Persons & Companies

200,000+ persons, listed and private companies active in Hong Kong capital markets in capacity of transaction counterparty, shareholders and disciplinary action records.


Linking up 400,000+ publicly released transactions from unstructured public announcements, including HKEX notifiable transaction documents, disclosure of interests.

Cleansed & Granular Data

Time-based data tracking share transaction and ownership records over time.

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