Why Gekko's Data?

listco filings
listcos in HK, PRC and US markets
types of granular corporate action event data in HK
searchable IPO and transaction material contracts

Unique data features

  • Entity data mapped with an unique ID
    Entity data are given a permanent ID
  • Granular
    Our depth of data sets us apart from peers' data solutions
  • Tailor-made for disclosure requirements
    Data attributes extracted according to local regulation disclosure requirements
  • Traceable from original sources
    Data is traceable from sources directly
  • Proven with the market
    Used by leading market practitioners for their day-to-day workflows
  • Quality control
    Every datapoint is tested with rigorous quality control procedures

Data catalogue

Our data is available in both API and CSV format. Please contact us for details.
Fundamental data
  • Stock price (HK, SZ, SSE)
  • CCASS (HK)
  • Disclosure of Interest (HK)
  • Income statement data
  • Balance sheet data
  • Cashflow statement data
  • Cash dividends & bonus shares
Basic stock data
  • Industry classification
  • Name changes
  • Stock abbreviation changes
  • Management information
  • Equity structure
  • Top 10 shareholders (SZ/SSE)
  • Movements in shares of major shareholders (SZ/SSE)
Fund data
  • Daily and weekly quotes
  • Fund conversion
  • Fund dividend
  • Fund split
  • Suspension
  • Open-ended Fund Unit Change
  • Meeting date and proposal
Bond data
  • Daily and weekly quotes
  • T-bond issue
  • Corporate bond issue
  • Convertible bond issue
  • Bond redemption
  • Interest rate and maturity
  • Redemption date
HK corporate action
  • Privatisation
  • Transaction
  • IPO
  • Rights Issues
  • Open Offer
  • M&A
Risk event data
  • Regulatory disciplinary actions
  • Listco litigation events
  • Court rulings
  • Regulatory news
Filing data
  • HKEx corporate filings
  • SZSE corporate filings
  • SSE corporate filings
  • NEEQ corporate filings
A-share data
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