Financial Intelligence Assistant

Revolutionary due dilligence research solutions for Hong Kong and China markets

Find hidden insights instantly from millions of HK financial filings
Visualize people and money connections for HK and China markets

Fast, intelligent and easy to use

At Gekko, we build solutions to empower investment research, due diligence and regulatory monitoring for Hong Kong and China financial markets, powered by our state-of-the-art search and visualization engine


Save time and easily manage millions of HK public financial documents to find and extract key information

Search entities, concepts and facts. Get answers instantly

Pinpoint facts within seconds, highlight key phrases and annotate hundred-pages annual reports with ease

Evalute event impacts and connect related documents

Measure share impacts, reveal key entities relationships and find related documents

Compare semantic changes between PDFs

Alert for any relevant changes between hundred-pages documents within seconds

Extract complex financial table data from PDFs

Tired of copying PDF data to your models? Convert any unstructured PDF tables to Excel Spreadsheets with a simple click

Instant insights using GekkoSearch

Which HK-listed companies have “crypto currency” exposure?

How did companies comment and forecast about iron ore prices?

Who had connected transaction with Convoy?

How many profit warning releases are there in 2017 vs 2016?

How David Webb is involved with HK-listed companies?

What are "Angelababy" concept stocks?


Interactive graphical tool tracking HK and China financial entities with our proprietary database


Our Visualized Data Coverage

Beneficiary ownership

Subsidiary analysis

Appointment history

Connected transactions

Disciplinary actions

Corporate actions

Intelligent Knowledge & Workflow Management


Manage Workflow with Ease

Annotate, bookmark and save your document and visualization projects, and share among teams

End-to-end Encryption

Safeguarded by enterprise-grade security throughout data transfer and storage

Gekko Solutions Use Cases

Investment research

Save time and instantly uncover facts down the most granular level of details

Compliance due diligence

Track down connected transactions, beneficiary ownerships and subsidiary details

Supervisory and monitoring

Stay alert of unusual events and investigate with a network of entities

We are hiring!

Shenzhen Qianhai Free Trade Zone | Hong Kong Cyberport

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If you want to join a fast-growing start-up with strong engineering culture and want to build beautiful products, you may be the person we are looking for. Gekko Team values hacker culture, creativity and craftsmanship. Gekko is a team of do-ers and problem solvers, and we love to work with like-minded individuals craving to build great software to solve complex problems for the most important financial institutions.

Data Engineer / Software Engineer

Desired Capabilities
  • Passion in beautiful design and new technology
  • Hacker mindset, quick learner
  • Good grasp of python, javascript frameworks (e.g. Vue.js, Reactjs) and java
  • Interesting personal Github projects and participations in renowned competitions (e.g. Kaggle, ACM) will be a bonus
  • Experience in English or Chinese natural language processing (NLP), machine learning and data visualization projects (d3js) will be a bonus
  • More details here